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    McPherson killed after refusing to surrender outside Atlanta

    During the spring and summer of 1864, two Confederate towns were the prize of the Union war effort. With Richmond and Petersburg, Va., in a prolonged siege, Atlanta became the focus of the war effort. Taking this important city and railroad hub would further cripple the Confederate war effort.


    Davis relieves Johnston of command of Army of Tennessee

    On July 17, 1864, Joseph E. Johnston received a telegraph from Richmond informing him he was no longer in command of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. John Bell Hood was named to replace Johnston and immediately tasked with keeping William T. Sherman's Union army out of Atlanta.


    Forrest wounded, defeated at Tupelo

    Even though William T. Sherman was in Georgia, the whereabouts of Nathan Bedford Forrest was always on his mind. Since Forrest's victories at Fort Pillow and Brice's Crossroads, Sherman called for Union cavalry to hunt down the "devil" Forrest. On July 14, 1864, Sherman got his wish as Forrest was...


    Wallace saves Washington, D.C., at Monocacy

    In July 1864, Robert E. Lee turned to Jubal Early to clear the Shenandoah Valley and menace Washington. Lew Wallace, a disgraced general and future author, sacrificed his scant command at Monocacy Junction, Md., to buy time for reinforcements to arrive at the nation's capital.