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    Foragers' actions create war of words between Sherman and Hampton

    Like his March to the Sea, William T. Sherman's march through the Carolinas relied on Union soldiers foraging for supplies to equip and feed the army. Many times such foraging was an excuse to loot Southern homes of much of their valuables and treasures. In 1865, a war within a war erupted between...


    Sherman punishes Columbia during Carolina march

    At the start of 1865, William T. Sherman's army was poised to start one of the most anticipated and long-awaited campaigns of the Civil War. The target of Sherman's ire was South Carolina. The fiery general and many of his soldiers thought this was where the war and its hardships belonged. Punishment...


    Peace conference at Hampton Roads ends in failure

    Preston Blair's secret meeting with Jefferson Davis in January 1865 failed to bring about an end to the Civil War but it did bring forth another meeting. This was to be a face-to-face with representatives of the Lincoln and Davis administrations in an effort to end four years of killing and sectional...