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    Fort Pillow remains a controversial Confederate victory

    Located 40 miles north of Memphis, Fort Pillow, with its 300-foot bluffs, was a strategic point to control traffic flow on the Mississippi River. In 1864, the fort named after Gideon Pillow was the location of an alleged massacre of black soldiers by Nathan Bedford Forrest.


    Longstreet returns to Army of Northern Virginia

    Spring 1864 meant a reunion of sorts as James Longstreet left eastern Tennessee to return to Virginia and rejoin Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. In doing so, Longstreet left the turmoil of Tennessee behind him. Once again forming the winning combination of Lee and Longstreet, the question...


    James McPherson receives command of Army of the Tennessee

    A rising star under the watchful eye of Ulysses S. Grant, James Birdseye McPherson seemed destined for great achievement. On Mar. 26, 1864, McPherson was promoted to commander of the Army of the Tennessee.


    Miss. soldiers launch snowball fight in Dalton

    Winter months often gave the Union and Confederate armies a respite from the fighting that occurs in the spring and summer. In 1864, a particularly harsh winter achieved what warring armies and pontificating politicians couldn't provide. Other than a few skirmishes and occasional cavalry raids, ...