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    Fall of Atlanta boosts Union war effort

    Since the Confederate defeat at Jonesboro, it was only a matter of time before Atlanta fell. Such an occurrence further dashed Confederate hopes of victory, assured the reelection of Abraham Lincoln and led to Sherman's next Georgia campaign.


    Hood blames Hardee for Confederate defeat at Jonesboro

    Since Joseph E. Johnston had been relieved of command, John Bell Hood's favorite scapegoat was William Hardee. Although he had written "Hardee's Tactics," a book about rifle and light tactics, which was used by both Confederate and Union armies, Hood complained that Hardee wasn't aggressive enough...


    Warren's victory at Weldon Railroad fails to impress Grant

    Running from Weldon, N.C., to Petersburg, Va., the Weldon Railroad was vital to the sustainability of Robert E. Lee's Confederate army in and around Richmond. Realizing the importance of the supply line, the Army of the Potomac tried for a second time to sever the line in mid-August 1864.