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    Deontay Wilder hoping to deliver self into boxing history

    NORTHPORT, Ala. -- Deontay Wilder is driving around in a Hummer and sports cars, leaving his beer delivery truck days far behind. He watched the Super Bowl from the stands instead of his couch and made his rounds at the NBA All-Star game, too.


    Early suffers final defeat at Waynesboro

    After failed efforts in 1864 at Cedar Creek, Jubal Early had been on the shelf, relegated to less important roles in the Confederate war effort. On March 2, 1865, Early suffered another defeat at the hands of Phil Sheridan, who bested Early in what would be the Confederate general's last fight.


    Skin problem in a cat helped with TCVM

    Lucy's first visit was in July 2013 when she was presented for chronic skin lesions. She is a domestic shorthair, female, spayed 12-year-old cat. Lucy had been on antibiotics and steroids intermittently for four years. She had crusty, raised, red, itchy lesions (miliary dermatitis) on her ears, ...


    Foragers' actions create war of words between Sherman and Hampton

    Like his March to the Sea, William T. Sherman's march through the Carolinas relied on Union soldiers foraging for supplies to equip and feed the army. Many times such foraging was an excuse to loot Southern homes of much of their valuables and treasures. In 1865, a war within a war erupted between...


    Pet insurance is worth a look

    With the advancement of technology, so comes better and more sophisticated medical care for our pets.


    Sherman punishes Columbia during Carolina march

    At the start of 1865, William T. Sherman's army was poised to start one of the most anticipated and long-awaited campaigns of the Civil War. The target of Sherman's ire was South Carolina. The fiery general and many of his soldiers thought this was where the war and its hardships belonged. Punishment...


    Health trackers: We have them for people and now for pets

    The newest craze in personal health management is the health trackers. A few of my family members have the FitBits, which measure many personal parameters, like steps walked per day, estimated calories burned and even awake/sleep cycles. Popular Science magazine recently detailed the fact that these...


    Peace conference at Hampton Roads ends in failure

    Preston Blair's secret meeting with Jefferson Davis in January 1865 failed to bring about an end to the Civil War but it did bring forth another meeting. This was to be a face-to-face with representatives of the Lincoln and Davis administrations in an effort to end four years of killing and sectional...


    Sergio Mora wins split decision over Abraham Han

    BILOXI-- In a hard-fought main event, Sergio Mora earned a split-decision victory over Abraham Han Friday night at the Beau Rivage.


    Sergio Mora, Abie Han meet for USBA middleweight title tonight at Beau Rivage

    BILOXI-- Sergio Mora entered the new year with hopes of challenging Jermain Taylor for the IBF middleweight championship at the Beau Rivage.

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