Sound Off for July 18

July 17, 2014 

Who's next?

Last year it was Drew Brees. This year its Graham. Who will it be next year? Press agents' hypes to keep the Saints name in the news during the off-season. Do you really believe the Saints organization was going to lose either Brees or Graham?

Not so fast

I wouldn't count my chickens D'Iberville. I remember a picture of a ground breaking for an aquarium, too.

How could you miss?

How can someone be a Sun Herald subscriber and still miss the dozens of articles about the federal government holding up repair of the Katrina-damaged piers? It has nothing to do with local leaders' slothfulness.

Please explain

This primary is the first time I have ever heard that Democrat is synonymous with black. Who came up with that and what does it have to do with someone's legal right to vote for who he/she considers the better candidate?

Cover up?

Sgt. Bergdahl has not talked to his parents since being released from the Taliban and returning to duty. Something sure smells fishy about all this, and why has not the mainstream media covered this more in depth? More media bias?

Here's an idea

Everyone is all concerned that the new stadium might not be finished in time. Keep on building. The team could practice and play games out at the huge ballpark of Biloxi High School until the stadium is completed. It could be a win-win as revenue would come in for the city, which could be shared with the high school.

Do it right

So after the baseball stadium is built one of the parking areas is Biloxi Regional Hospital parking garage? So, when I go for hospital tests or to visit someone, it will be hard to find a place to park? If you're going to build a baseball stadium, build a parking lot or garage for the purpose. Either do it right or not at all.

Fix this

Work started months ago, tearing up old water pipes, replacing fire hydrants, etc. It has been since before Easter when they started. Nothing has been done in over three weeks, at all. The roads are torn up, holes in the road, between two houses is a huge hole that fills with water when it rains and little kids live in one of the houses. The City of Biloxi should be looking into this or someone should be sending out notices telling the people who live here what is going on. It has messed up our yard all summer, for every holiday so far. It smells and looks terrible, the whole neighborhood. Would someone please find out what is going on with this stalled project and fix it? It is very dangerous in spots near some of the drains.

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