Gov. Perry will be at 3rd Governor's Energy Summit in Jackson

Posted on July 17, 2014 



 Cliff Clavin and Rick Perry. That's quite a line up for the 3rd Governor's Energy Summit on Oct. 8 in Jackson.

Here are the details from the press release:

"Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and 2012 Presidential Candidate, will deliver the keynote address.  There will also be an address on the skill of American workers from special guest John Ratzenberger, host and producer of the Travel Channel’s "Made in America," a documentary series that celebrated the U.S. manufacturing industry. Ratzenberger is also well known for his role as Cliff Clavin in the iconic TV show "Cheers" as well as lending his voice to several blockbuster Pixar motion pictures.  

"Additionally, the popular panel from our inaugural 2012 Governor's Energy Summit -- Harry Alford of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Karen Harbert from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, and David Holt of Consumer Energy Alliance -- will be back to update the audience on today's opportunities and threats in American energy.  Also, Texas educator and energy expert Dr. Scott Tinker will talk about his vision for America's energy future and how energy, the environment, and the economy are balanced together." 

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