Sound Off for July 17

July 16, 2014 

Better days

I enjoyed MLB more when there were steroids and everyone could hit a 500 foot home run.

Simple solution

Regarding leaving children in the back seat of the car and then going to work. I just read this on the Internet and the fix is so simple it's a no brainier. After you strap your child in the seat, take your left shoe off and put in on the seat beside the baby. Once you get to work, you'll never walk to your job with one shoe off and one shoe on.

Move on, McDaniel

I would not want McDaniel to represent me as a State Senator and certainly not a U.S. Senator. He is as bad as Obama wanting publicity and photos. I, for one, am very tired of him. If he were man enough, he would congratulate Sen. Cochran and shut up.

Clean up idea

Seriously poor planning on beach cleanup after the Fourth of July. You want a clean beach? Then organize a beach cleanup the day after the fourth. That would at least give the appearance that people do care on the Coast, and give people a little who visit us a better view.

Lost direction

Gulfport has managed to put millions of dollars on redoing Jones Park and the Gulfport Harbor, but it's going on four years and most of the fishing piers in Gulfport are derelict. I could understand perhaps a year maybe two but not to have even started new construction makes you believe they don't care about the fisherman who can't afford a slip much less a boat. Gulfport, you have lost your direction.

Misplaced priorities

We will eventually have to get a lawyer to mow our yard or even certainly die in peace. Look at what is going on in our country. Nothing can proceed in the U.S. without legal advice. No more hand shakes, no more moral convictions, just the lawyers and the courts will rule. We are a legally driven society that will spend more of our resources on lawyers than on the logic of reason and fairness.


How is it possible that in the United States of America, an organization such as the NBA can force a man to sell his basketball team for making racist remarks to a girlfriend. I do not like the man nor his attitude, but I still cannot believe that the courts and NBA have taken the authority to oust him from the NBA and now are trying to take his team from him. If he were trying to do that from one of them, they would not allow it. And yes, he might have started some dementia after going through all this difficulty, but they still should not have the authority to take his ball team away. This is the U.S. and a land of freedom, isn't it?

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