Sound Off for July 16

July 15, 2014 

Here's an idea

To stem the tide of illegals from Central America, why doesn't President Obama call the Mexican president and tell him to close their Southern border or we will cut off their foreign aid? I'll bet it would be closed tomorrow. Unless this administration doesn't want to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

Answers, please

According to our Constitution, the president and Congress are to protect our borders against invasion. Yet 1,500 people are coming across each day. Why won't our elected officials secure our borders? Also, why is it that our nation's veterans can't get immediate and adequate medical care? Please explain. We would like to know.

Great job!

A special thank you to the Biloxi police for making our way to the National Cemetery a blessing! They did an excellent job in keeping the traffic moving and in showing respect to our loved one and family by getting out of their patrol cars at the entrance to the cemetery and standing at attention. Bless each and every one of you.

Where can I see it?

So where can I see this movie, "America"? Is it at a theater, DVD, or TV?

EDITOR'S NOTE: "America" is currently showing nationwide and at Coast theaters.


I could not believe the interview with Chris McDaniel on WLOX Sunday. McDaniel has declared that there is a violation in our elections process. It is now up to the rest of us to prove him wrong, and there is no proof he will accept. It is in the best tradition of the Sen. Joseph McCarthy of the 1950s. McDaniel has gone from irritating to frightening.

'America' review

As per Monday's Sound Offs praising the movie "America" currently in theaters, we went to go see the movie. What croc! It's a political ad! Without covering all the details, essentially the movie starts with a list of what the rest of the world thinks of us, making us sound bad-to-worse; then it recants and gives a good, logical answer to all these problems, making us all feel pretty good about the good 'ole US of A. It does this, in both instances, with a series of interviews, maps, quotes from books, etc., all very official-sounding stuff. So, now that we're all feeling pretty good about ourselves and our Country, it drops into a cheap political ad, pretty much fostered by (possibly) Tea Party sources and Fox News ... all anti-Obama and anti-"Obamacare" (noticeably no mention of its actual name, "Affordable Healthcare Act") and anti-Hillary politicking. After the last couple/few months of endless political ads on TV, radio, etc., no matter which way you think on the issues, we don't need to pay good money at the theater for more political advertising.

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