PHILLIP DOSSETT: Will Cochran be celebrating in November?

July 15, 2014 

With not only his acquiescence, but indeed his encouragement, Thad Cochran celebrated as he watched Mississippi Democrat voters come to his rescue and help him secure a victory over his conservative opponent in the recent Republican runoff for the U.S. Senate. He now stands poised to return to Washington, D.C., to do what his supporters apparently give him much credit for doing, i.e., bringing home the bacon/pork to the state of Mississippi.

While it's neither my intent to diminish the importance of government-related work coming to our state, nor question Mr. Cochran's ability to facilitate that process, I'm of the opinion that there are issues at the national level which are at least as critically important.

With more than $17 trillion in debt, thousands of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border to join the millions already here, a crumbling infrastructure and a moral foundation in a similar state, shouldn't we be asking ourselves what our congressional "leaders" are doing to stem this tide of the "fundamental transformation" of our nation?

And, as it relates to Mr. Cochran's victory in the runoff, two questions come to mind.

n Does Mr. Cochran really think that those Democrats who voted for him in the recent runoff will again support him in the general election?

n And is it possible that many who supported Mr. Cochran's opponent in the runoff will find it impossible to vote for him in the general election?



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