CAROLYN ARANT: Trolley is a great way to experience Biloxi

July 15, 2014 

What a beautiful city you have. Such great people and so many great places to see. There is so much to do in Biloxi other than visit the casinos.

I have been to Biloxi several times and never tire of learning more of the history of the city. You have museums that rival any large city I have ever been to. The monuments that honor the people who were lost during hurricanes, especially Katrina, never fail to bring tears to my eyes. The tree stump carvings in the median of U.S. 90 are an awesome sight to see.

But, I must confess, my favorite thing to do each time I come with someone different is share the Biloxi Trolley Tour with them. I have taken this tour three times and every time has been a unique experience. Carla, the young lady who conducts this tour, makes it so very interesting. She is so knowledgeable about the city and shares stories that I am sure I would have otherwise not heard or been aware of.

She points out many places of interest like museums and restaurants. Because of her I tend to visit out-of-the-way places I probably would not have if she had not made me aware of them, like the wonderful Burger Burger. What a neat place for lunch.

I will continue to bring friends to Biloxi and share the wonderful, fun experience of this town.

Thank you for your hospitality.


Jay, Florida

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