Health Department cites five South Mississippi food establishments

meperez@sunherald.comJuly 15, 2014 

Five food establishments in South Mississippi were among 16 statewide given a C rating for critical safety violations by the state Health Department.

China Star on Courthouse Road in Gulfport has had three C grades for critical violations since the permit was issued by the health department March 27. The most-recent action began with a complaint and an inspection June 30 that showed improper cold holding temperatures. A follow-up inspection July 9 showed the problem hadn't been corrected and the last inspection permit hadn't been posted and resulted in another C rating. Issues were corrected during a July 11 inspection.

Cazadores Grill on Pass Road in Biloxi was inspected July 10 and was given a C for not having a food-contact surface cleaned and sanitized. This is the fourth C in seven inspections since the permit was issued in October. During the last inspection on April 14, the restaurant received a B rating, which means violations were corrected during the inspection.

La Quinta Inn on Mississippi 63 in Moss Point was inspected July 10 and was given a C for two violations for improper hand cleaning and inadequate hand-washing facilities. At all seven previous annual inspections since 2008 the coffee shop was rated A for having no violations.

Captain Al's on Lorraine Road in Gulfport, was inspected July 14 and was given a C rating for having insects, rodents or animals present. The restaurant last was inspected March 11 and had an A rating.

Rouse's salad bar on Pass Road in Gulfport was inspected July 14 and cited for improper cold holding temperatures. The salad bar had a B when last inspected in April and had only one other C, in 2009, out of 22 inspections.

The Mississippi Health Department periodically inspects all food establishments, including restaurants, schools, nursing homes and other facilities and rates them A, B or C.

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