Sound Off for July 15

July 14, 2014 

State of the Union

What have we become? We take in 1,000's of illegals, and we can't bring home one Marine?

Reason to celebrate

Hooray! World Cup is over. Yippeeeee!

My mistake

I voted in the primary for McDaniel and for Cochran in the run off. I realized my mistake. No one paid me. I vote for the candidate, not the party. It's called Freedom.

Sports metaphor

Using the ball analogy, Chris McDaniel's opponent borrowed players from the other team in the tournament in order to get in the finals. Poor sportsmanship reigns.

There's an app for that

If you have a smartphone, then your cellphone is one of the few remaining ways you can actually "dial" 911. Just download a rotary phone app.

What gives?

There are way too many people diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder. How were these symptoms viewed historically prior to their discovery and inclusion in the psychiatric diagnostic manual? Has there been some societal or environmental reason for the increase in diagnoses over the past four decades? It's almost ubiquitous that a kid with behavior problems in school is diagnosed with ADHD and a person with addiction problems gets diagnosed as bipolar. It seems a thriving industry of diagnoses, behavior therapy, drugs and special accommodations has arisen that may be self propagating the apparent increase.

This just in . . .

I totally agree about the state of broadcast journalism. Gone are the days of 30 minutes of hard-hitting, fact-based and relevant news. Now the networks spend most of their time hyping stories that they are showcasing on "Dateline," "20/20," or "60 Minutes." An exclusive interview with a person connected to a minor news story will bump major important stories to number 2 or 3. The news now is more like "Entertainment Tonight" than the CBS News with Walter Cronkite. The problem is they wouldn't do it this way if viewers didn't watch or demand something better. Unfortunately, this is more of a reflection of American culture than it is the networks. Don't even get me started about the cable news networks.

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