Average 100-year food prices

July 14, 2014 

Average 100-year food prices

Potatoes were the least expensive item in 1913, at less than 2 cents per pound. While potatoes remain among the cheapest food, potato prices have increased 39-fold since 1913, the sharpest rate of increase seen of the items tracked. Egg prices have increased the least, up about 5-fold in the last century.

Item January 1913 January 2013

Bread $0.06 $1.42

Flour $0.03 $0.52

Gallon milk $0.36 $3.53

Cheese $0.22 $5.83

Butter $0.41 $3.50

Coffee $0.30 $5.90

Potatoes $0.02 $0.63

Rice $0.09 $0.72

Sirloin steak $0.24 $5.71

Round steak $0.21 $5.07

Chuck roast $0.15 $3.70

Pork chops $0.19 $3.47

Bacon $0.25 $4.41

Ham $0.25 $2.69

Dozen eggs $0.37 $1.93

Sugar $0.06 $0.68

-- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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