Men convicted in South Mississippi bank robberies

rfitzgerald@sunherald.comJuly 14, 2014 

GULFPORT -- A jury has convicted two men on multiple charges involving six armed bank robberies in South Mississippi.

Randy Laverne Marshall, 34, and Keith Anthony Kiel, 38, were found guilty Monday in deliberations that followed a two-week trial with more than 80 witnesses and 150 exhibits.

U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola Jr. will sentence them on Oct. 14.

Marshall and Kiel, described in court as professional bank robbers, also were found guilty of using stolen vehicles as getaway cars and crossing state lines, bringing the vehicles from South Alabama to South Mississippi. The latter charge is interstate transportation of stolen vehicles.

The bank heists were considered crimes of violence because each involved the use of a gun, with a firearm held to the heads or backs of bank employees. In some of the heists, a gunman jumped over the teller's window.

Kiel also was found guilty of intimidating a witness after he and co-defendants were arrested.

According to court testimony, Kiel repeatedly asked a co-defendant if he planned to plead guilty, and said, "If you keep your mouth shut, we we'll all go home."

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