BOB USEY: Biloxi and Gulfport are acting strangely over annexation

July 14, 2014 

Officials in Biloxi and Gulfport wanted to annex land adjacent to each city and of course located in Harrison County. The annexation proceedings took place in the lower courts, with Biloxi being granted a decision, Gulfport appealing, Biloxi being upheld and finally Gulfport appealing to the state Supreme Court for a final decision.

I do not understand why the mayors have agreed to call it quits. It makes even less sense for the mayors to state that this will be just for the present term of each administration. Then what?

Agreeing to dismiss the suit after spending millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars and years fighting in court reminds me of two kids in a fist fight and both get tired and agree to catch their wind and rest for a minute but will resume the fight shortly. In this particular case, spending millions of tax dollars when both cities could use the money spent on legal fees more wisely for their citizens.

Have the two cities ever thought that a majority of their citizens may not want nor care about annexation at this time? One way to decide would be simply to have that issue on the ballot during the next election, even though it would be nonbinding.



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