DENNIS HOUSE: Fair Tax Plan may take some time

July 14, 2014 

In his Letter to the Editor on July 11, Mr. Adams makes some very good points concerning the Fair Tax Plan. I have read a lot of material on the Fair Tax and feel it addresses a lot of concerns that he has in his letter.

As to it passing Congress, I feel it has about the same chance as my alma mater winning our football game on Sept. 6. I went to Sam Houston State University and we play LSU in Baton Rouge. There is some chance, just not much of one.

There would be some very powerful forces that would arise to oppose the fair tax. A lot of people and businesses have a vested interest in keeping our tax system the way it is. Just as an example: charitable organizations, tax lawyers, the retirement planning industry.

These organizations would have no problem raising huge sums of money to fight the legislation. The general public may support the fair tax but would not spend a great deal of their money to pass it. Plus, Congress likes being able to reward supporters with tax breaks.

Just because the road ahead will be difficult, supporters should not give up. It might take 20 years or longer to pass it and if you are my age, it probably will not happen in your lifetime. Who knows what might happen. My daughter's alma mater, Vanderbilt, won the College World Series. No one thought that was possible 10 years ago.



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