TINA SULLIVAN: Secure our borders - and our benefits

July 14, 2014 

We have been hearing how the border crisis is going to affect our already overburdened economy. Everyone receiving government benefits will see their benefits decrease even more than the government is talking about decreasing them.

If the government says they do not have enough money to support the people already here, how are they going to support all of the "legal rights" the illegal immigrants are suppose to have? You hear a lot about the Republicans fighting the president on the steps that need to be taken regarding the border issue, but the Democrats need to step up too. The Democrats fight for benefits for their constituents, but what happens when those benefits are cut as an "unintended consequence" of having to provide everything for the "illegal children" of the border crisis.

Make no mistake about it, everyone is going to pay for this debacle. If you are receiving benefits, count on them to be cut. If you are working, count on higher taxes or "fees" for one thing or another.

And Mexico, being a vehicle for this illegal activity, come on. It would be absolutely ludicrous to give money to anyone for anything before we secure our borders.


Ocean Springs

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