Nosef: Hard to walk back words like stolen and sham

Posted on July 14, 2014 

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef seems more than ready to put the U.S. Senate race runoff by Sen. Thad Cochran behind him.

Supporters of challenger Chris McDaniel have been examining election records in the state's 82 counties looking for improprieties. Nosef said they have not shown him any evidence and he expects them to be finished soon, noting McDaniel has called a news conference Wednesday.

But he's upset with bloggers and supporters who have been making inflammatory statements, primarily on social media sites, that he says hurts the party and state.

"It's hard to walk back words like stolen and sham," he told Paul Gallo on the Gallo Radio Show this morning.

He said without evidence of impropriety in the runoff, the conservatives should come together for the November general election.

"If they are a true conservative ... unless they are a hack and just wanting to make money off this ... they'll vote for Cochran," he told Gallo. To do otherwise, he said, could help elect Democrat Travis Childers, who would vote for Sen. Harry Reid as majority leader.

McDaniel's main complaint are that people who voted in the Democratic primary returned and illegally voted in the Republican runoff. And he says Cochran's campaign openly courted Democrats to help pick the Republican nominee.

But, Mississippi doesn't register voters by party and voters are free to vote in either primary election.




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