Sound Off for July 14

July 13, 2014 

What a movie

Thursday, my wife and I saw the movie "America." Wow. It should be required for every high school and college student to view and learn about the true America we live in and love. The movie gave me a reason to try and make it better for everyone.

Fuzzy math

Today I got my phone bill in. Instead of putting the right dollar amount, I was $1 short. Get this, I got charged a late charge of $4 for the $1.

Obey the limit

The speed limit in Hiller Park is 15 mph. Please drive that speed or slower. We have several young people playing disk golf, as well as walkers, bike riders and small children. It is not a race track. Slow down, enjoy the ride and the view. It is a nice place for families. Don't spoil it.

Homeless shelter needed

In answer to "shameful proposal," I heartily agree with all you said. Hubby and I wish we had the money to buy the property and build a shelter for homeless people that would have rooms, showers, used clothing, washer/dryer and kitchen staff plus a veggie garden/fruit trees in back that they could help maintain until they got on their feet.

Great history lesson

My daughter and I watched the movie "America." If you want to feel good about "we the people" of this great country, just watch that movie. My daughter wants to buy the movie and show it to her two grandchildren, with pauses for discussion. It will be a great history lesson.

Importance of listening

A conversation is casual talk between two or more people; it is not one person constantly talking and never letting others talk. Also, it is not cutting off someone's story to relate your own similar situation in great detail. To be a good conversationalist you have to be a good listener too.

Simple solution

I have a solution to the problem of all the people coming into our country illegally from Mexico. It's a really simple two-step process: Step 1: Secure the border. Step 2: Repeat step 1. That should take less money than the $3.7 billion the president is asking for. His action does not even deal with the problem, but only the results of the problem. The problem will never be solved until the border is secured.

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