STUART BEARDSLEE: Who controls the weather?

July 13, 2014 

For years, our brilliant politicians and supposedly smart scientists have been forecasting doom and gloom for the world.

More than 10 years ago, this country was to have been destroyed by rising tides due to the melting of the ice caps. Yet not too long ago, a ship containing scientists who were to measure the extent of the melting had to be rescued by ice breakers because they were iced in. This proves predictions formed by computer modeling instead of factual information proves the saying "garbage in, garbage out."

The greatest history book ever published, "The Holy Bible," clearly shows all weather events develop in the heavens. Who maintains his dwelling place in the heavens? The creator. So it is an easily arrived-at conclusion that weather is controlled from that place.

Man is not capable of destroying what God controls but God uses the weather to correct a wayward society and bring them back into repentance. If they do not repent, they face God's judgment.

Who controls the weather?



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