GARY NAGORKA: Who's protecting the United States?

July 13, 2014 

Can anyone tell me who's protecting us, the United States of America?

Our government seems lost in a fog. Nothing decisive has been done in quite some time.

I was looking at a Reader's Digest story from April 2006 that was talking about the crisis in health care and along our borders. What year is it now, 2014?

How about solutions for the deficit, the budget, government leadership, abortion, oil and gas taxes, the Keystone pipeline, military pay and equipment cuts, affordable health care and immigration?

Our elected officials, at both the federal and state level, are not handling anything in a timely manner. Decisions that are made make no sense.

Something has to change.

One man should not be able to dictate the direction of our country, either as president or as leader of the Senate by stopping legislation. If representative government is not possible, let the people vote on everything and determine the country's direction.

When the British lose confidence in their government, they have an election. Do that here, and we'll see change, not stalemate, and progress, not a decline in confidence and loss of respect.



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