Sound Off for July 13

July 12, 2014 

Thanks, Border Patrol man

My wife and I are in our mid-80s and were returning from New Orleans back to Bay St. Louis. On I-10, near the Pearl River bridge, we got a flat tire. We pulled off and called AAA, but they advised it would be over an hour before help arrived. The Louisiana Highway Patrol evidently does not patrol that close to Mississippi, but a man named Roy stopped and changed our tire for us. He had CBP on the back of his shirt. He was a good example of what our Border Patrol personnel do. Thank you, Roy.

Generally speaking

One danger in writing a Sound Off is that it will be too general, lacking evidence. In fact, Alexander Dumas said: "All generalizations are dangerous, including this one!"

Choice must be made

We are at a crossroads in our nation. Our decision in November will be felt worldwide for generations to come. We can choose to look to the future and vote against the way things are going, or we can give up and let things flow. We can vote for people who will uphold the laws of our nation and the Constitution in full and make this nation great again, or we can vote for the current PC progressives who seek to dismantle our nation and destroy it piece by piece.

Walk in their shoes

Anyone who says they are in support of communism because they value a fair and equal society should be required to spend a year each in China, North Korea and Cuba to see just how communism works in real life and not just in theory.

Skewed priorities

The world is in a freefall, the CDC safety scare, the U.S. Mexican border being breached by thousands. The Middle East is in more turmoil than ever and what is the lead story on the evening news? Lebron James is going back to Cleveland to play basketball. Come on. Where in the world is journalism going? Makes me sick that the news media care more about a sports figure than the world coming apart at the seams.

Stone needs new schools

Harrison County, Biloxi, Gulfport all have nice, newly built schools. Why can't we have a nice new school for Stone County? Our schools in Stone are as old and wore out as Grandma's apron.

Shape of things to come

Your children play soccer. Your grandkids play soccer. Their kids will play soccer. More high school teens play soccer than any other sport. It's one of the fastest-growing sports in America, with 60 million fans. Worldwide, soccer is the biggest sport on the planet.

Mind your Ps

To those running the show for the Biloxi baseball stadium: Remember the five Ps -- Proper planning prevents poor performance.

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