A Good Read not Spoiled

July 12, 2014 

Tommy Snell

Remember when you were in school and the teacher made you read current events? The teacher might have assigned a daily report.

I loved those days. I sopped up the "stuff" that was happening faster than French bread soaks up crab craw gravy. "These were the best of times" indeed, just as long as I didn't have to write a book report!

Now, here I am giving a book review and loving it. Rick Reilly's Tiger, Meet My Sister… tees off on current events in golf, football, cycling, human kindness and a myriad of other topics that include a cast of the good, bad and ugly. He socks a few in the jaw with a Sure-Out flange, exposes the unfamiliar and peculiar, and gives big ole ESPN nuh-nuh-nuh hugs to the people who make a real difference.

The book contains the ESPN Front Page Columnist's most interesting editorials from the past five years, current events that will make you "laugh, cry--and quite a few that may make you want to throw this book across the room."

I loved reading the "…and other things I probably shouldn't have said," his Final Rankings that include Biggest Jerks, Annoyances and Best Insult categories to name a few.

The award-winning writer had two sides. I was thunderstruck at some of the lightning bolts Mr. Hyde threw at some of the biggest names in sports and touched his Dr. Jekyll charity toward others.

I laughed and cried. Tears streamed down my face when I read about Grapevine Faith parents cheering for Grapevine State School players and almost wept when I finished Reilly's August 12, 2009 article about a late night at Yankee Stadium with Camp Sundown, to name just two that really grabbed me.

Tiger Meet My Sister… …and Things I Probably Shouldn't Have Said is a solid read for those who like to spend a few moments in a book each morning. I'm a two-column-a-day guy myself!

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