STANLEY HASTINGS: The Coast doesn't need any more casinos

July 12, 2014 

Back in the early 1990s, when a woman from upstate attempted to have the Legislature outlaw and reverse the decision to legalize dockside gambling, I told the woman, "In the movie, 'A Summer Place,' the spouses of two people who had committed adultery found themselves alone in a room after the wife of the adulterer confronted the couple. To the husband of the adulteress, the woman said, 'Surely you aren't on their side,' to which the man replied, 'Let's just say I'm not on your side!' "

That's how I feel nowadays about these people who want more casinos on the Coast. To try to develop more would just add to the pollution of the perpetually "in progress" infrastructure, and increase the crime that surrounds all casinos.

Look at Tunica. Look at Atlantic City. We can't pin our future economic hopes on the losses of gullible tourists.

So let's keep the successful casinos already in place. No more are needed.



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