PATRICIA O'KELLEY-HUGHES: Dr. Oz's insight was out of focus

July 12, 2014 

'Careful with the new glasses." Seriously. The Dr. Oz article under that headline in the Briefly section of Your Life on Tuesday is full of misnomers.

Encouraging patients to buy two pairs of glasses instead of switching to a bifocal or progressive addition lens is a waste of money. The overwhelming majority of patients who change lens designs from single vision to bifocal or progressive have no problems adapting.

Also, correlating changing lens designs with fall risk factors such as muscle weakness or gait problems is misleading. Of course one would be at an increased risk to fall if they have these pre-existing problems.

Optometrists all across the country are probably wincing at this article. We train four years and some of us do residencies and fellowships to further our knowledge.

This article was a slap in the face to doctors and patients everywhere.


Ocean Springs

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