GARY W. BROWN: McDaniel has a bad case of sour grapes

July 12, 2014 

Mr. McDaniel reminds me of a little boy playing ball with other kids. He's the one who, when he loses, retaliates by taking his ball and going home.

Actually, that's exactly what I think Chris McDaniel needs to do, take his ball and go home.

The people of Mississippi spoke in the runoff. Mr. McDaniel, you lost.

The Republican Party of Mississippi has certified the results of this election. Mr. McDaniel, you lost.

All you are doing with your ridiculous ranting now is further dividing the Republican Party in Mississippi when you should be trying to bring it back together so we Republicans can get our party's selection elected in the general election in November.

This whole mess surrounding Chris McDaniel reminds me somewhat of the "hanging chad" three-ring circus that happened over in Florida during a presidential election. Problem is, in Florida there was an actual problem. Here in Mississippi, all we have is a bad case of sour grapes.



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