BETH JOFFRION: Insane to build another animal shelter

July 12, 2014 

It's absolutely insane for the Gulfport Police Department to attempt to build/run its own animal facility. The hard-working GPD already has its hands full with its current responsibilities, and it does not have the experience or money for such an undertaking.

Its current euthanasia rate is already sky-high, with a mandatory hold of only five days. Then what? All those precious animals are to be put to sleep? This is a huge step back in progress for our community.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi has an incredible, state-of-the-art animal shelter, which took the group years to acquire. It also has the knowledge and personnel to run such a facility. It's making huge progress toward becoming a "no kill" shelter.

This is an incredible accomplishment, and it's taken the work of many people for a number of years to get to this point. HSSM is not out to stiff the city on what it charges to take in stray animals -- and to insinuate such a thing is unfair.

It's imperative that the GPD and HSSM come to an agreement. HSSM is equipped to do the job. The Police Department is not, and has no conception of everything involved in such an undertaking, because its expertise lies in crime fighting and keeping our town safe.

Please support HSSM in this matter. We don't need, and do not have the economic means to support, another animal shelter in Gulfport. We already have the most beautiful, modern, state-of-the-art shelter right here. We are so lucky. Let's not do anything to undermine the value of this wonderful animal sanctuary by trying to compete with it by building a shelter that could not possibly even come close to what HSSM provides.



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