Sound Off for July 12

July 11, 2014 

Don't care

I can't believe all this discussion about "could" or "couldn't" care less. Well, I could care less. I'm serious, I really couldn't.

Drop it

Chris, you made a good run and you lost. You have set yourself up for a shoo-in when Thad retires. Don't mess it up by dragging the state through months of legal wranglings. Drop it, and you're a sure shot the next time around.

The saying goes ...

"I could not care less" is actually the correct form of the old, common expression, and it's not a double negative; it's an emphatic expression. "I could care less" is wrong, because, as the first writer noted, the intended meaning is the opposite of what is stated. I have such utter disregard for this matter that there is no way I could care any less about it than I do -- I could not care less. But, "I could care less" implies that I do care somewhat, and that's not what the saying is intended to mean.

Biloxi as usual

Don't take the news about the baseball stadium so hard. What would Biloxi be without an abandoned construction site?

Clean up after dogs

This is to all you wonderful law abiding dog lovers who walk your dogs at Jones Park and think that it is OK to leave their little brown gifts all over. The park is for everyone. Those who don't have dogs should not have to watch where they walk. Please curb your dogs. I would hate for the city to restrict the park to just us humans.

Good job

Congrats to the Sun Herald for bravely telling the good news on the Affordable Care Act -- this is big news across the country. This is of course why so many people were unaware of when it started; where to go to sign on; and where to get help if they're not computer literate. More public service information needs to be published to help people stay informed. Are you up to it?

4 rules for improvement

Thank goodness the World Cup soccer is finally winding down. Argentina will be playing Germany for this year's version of Bore-Americans-To-Death. Soccer would be a better game if it had these four new rules: 1) Increase the size of the goal from 24 to 36 feet wide. 2) Do away with the offside rule as it prevents the fast break. 3) Allow players to strike the ball with a closed fist, and finally 4) require players to wear a helmet to protect against concussions from heading the ball. Most people don't realize how bad it is on the brain to hit a hard soccer ball with your head and also how many times a player strikes another player's head. The game would be safer and scores would be greater giving more excitement to the game. Just a few more days, and we will be free from it for another year.

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