Faith of little children

July 11, 2014 

The Fourth of July has come and gone. In some places it was almost a wash and for others it blew in and blew out pretty quickly, but it left some lasting impressions.

Weirder things have happened, I'm sure, but here we are way up North and we are stuck in the house on the Fourth of July with ol' Hurricane Arthur washing out our parade.

We had grandbabies, Mamie and Betsy flying in for fireworks and fun. They had a weather delay that caused major confusion in New York. Fireworks for them were on the Brooklyn Bridge causing Mamie to say, "This is the best day of my life." Mamie is 3 years old.

In the meantime, Cooper and I sat watching 8 inches of rainfall wishing we were hugging two little girls. Once again all things worked out.

Back on the Coast two little boys, Jackson and John Lowry were headed out to watch the Fourth of July fireworks on the water. This is a family tradition of hopping on the boat and cruising to the perfect spot and anchoring for the show.

I received a call from my daughter after the big event and she shared one of those new memories.

The fireworks had boomed their last blast of "Ah's." The boat anchor was pulled and the engine was on go, but the "go" was a "no go."

Jeremy and Mike worked and worked to get the gas flowing. They pumped and pumped but the engine still wasn't getting gas. Little Jackson was getting nervous.

He asked his mama, "Can America help?" She said she didn't think this was one of the things America could fix. He then asked, "Can Jesus help?"

She said it was certainly something to pray about. Jackson then knelt and prayed asking Jesus for His help in getting their boat to work. With the next turn of the key the boat fired up and carried the precious cargo to dock. Jackson's faith increased and all onboard joined in a "thank you, God."

That'll preach, y'all. "Don't worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God." Phil 4:6

Little children lead us in the faith department, reminding us of the freedom found in not worrying, but in asking God. Don't you know there were some fireworks blasting in the heavens at the faith of little children. God bless America.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.

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