Police scanning video for second suspect in Bourbon Street shooting

Detectives searching for second suspect

Associated PressJuly 10, 2014 

NEW ORLEANS -- About 40 hours of video from a variety of sources is being reviewed as detectives here seek a second suspect in a deadly Bourbon Street gunfight, Police Chief Ronal Serpas said Thursday.

The gunfire early June 29 left a tourist dead and nine other people wounded. One person has been arrested.

Serpas discussed the case in the French Quarter at an assembly of more than 50 state troopers assigned to temporarily beef up police patrols in the city.

State Police Col. Mike Edmonson said he troopers will be on duty through Labor Day.

Edmonson said about 45 state police personnel are ordinarily assigned to New Orleans, with duties including gambling regulation, narcotics work and insurance fraud investigations. He said that work will continue despite the redeployment of some officers to uniformed patrol work.

He added the plan is being financed from his own budget. He said such redeployments are not unusual when an urban police department asks for help. And he stressed other areas of the state will not be affected. Edmonson also said recent graduates from the state police academy will be among the patrols, an opportunity for them to learn more about urban policing.

As for the shooting investigation, Serpas said reviewing the videos takes time, partly because they have to be converted from a variety of formats.

Police have said Trung Tran "Joe" Le, 20, of Belle Chasse, is believed to have fired the first shot in the gunfight. He was arrested last week in Gulfport and has been fighting extradition from Harrison County.

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