Sound Off for July 11

July 10, 2014 

Study up

Anything you don't understand usually is boring. What I am wondering is who tuned in that boring soccer stuff? My advice: learn a little about something before you criticize, and locate that channel change button on your remote. Might take some practice on that one.

Boards please

Enough is enough. How long do we have to wait for someone to nail the boards back on our piers in Gulfport. The money has already been earmarked but no one has the gumption to actually start the project. It is sad that our city fathers don't see the wisdom in keeping up our front beach piers.

Courting the enemy?

Sorry, although I admire Sen. Cochran's long service to our state and country, something "doth smell rotten" in the recent GOP primary. Seeking out and courting the political "enemy" to maintain power does not sit well with me, and I dare say most Mississippians.

Keeping it straight

Just want to make sure I have this straight. Nobody complained when Democrats voted for Gene Taylor, trying to make him the Republican nominee for congressman. But Chris McDaniel says it is not right for Democrats to vote for the Republican senate nominee. I think that if more of them had voted for McDaniel, then he would have said that it was OK.

Soccer keeps kid in shape

Over the years my now grown children participated in youth sports. I note one significant fact from that experience. After attending football, baseball and soccer events, there are no overweight athletes playing soccer. The young people might have started out chubby, but that goes away pretty quick if they stay with it. It is the premier conditioning sport; more of our children should be involved.

Give it up

I would not vote for McDaniel if he was running for dog catcher. It seems to me he just wants to stay in the spotlight and is a very poor loser. He keeps getting other folks to step in for him (Ted Cruz), but it is time for him to give it up. The more he rants and raves the less people will want to vote for him. Give it up, McDaniel.

Shameful proposal

Are you kidding me? Gulfport is considering building an animal shelter when we have one of the nicest shelters in the country. The Police Department has enough problems on their hands and should not be in the business of operating a shelter. Their killing rate is twice that of the Humane Society. We should all be outraged. We have hundreds of homeless people here in Harrison County that need a place to sleep, shower and to get back on their feet. We need to build a shelter for them. Shame on you Gulfport for even considering this waste of tax dollars.

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