Hattiesburg school district focuses on website


HATTIESBURG -- Hattiesburg Public School District will keep its website fresh and updated after a recent survey revealed parents use it as a primary source for school information.

The district conducted a survey in June to find out how parents and community members were getting their school information.

District spokesman Jas N Smith said about 100 people responded. He said nearly a third said the district's website was where they went to get information. Others wanted letters, a phone call or flyers in a child's backpack.

"The thing that got the most responses was the website. I was expecting traditional print materials like letters in the backpack or phone calls," Smith said.

The district recently updated its website. Smith said it is easier now to post updates and school calendars the parents said they wanted.

"(Now I know) it is one of the primary portals for our parents and the community to get information about the district," he said. "I did not realize the level of importance our parents put on it."

Smith said a high percentage of respondents said they went to the website once or more daily.

Smith said those results will change the way he handles the website.

"I always kept it current, and I would try to post content every couple of days, but now I will try every day -- even multiple times a day."

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