THOMAS D. ADAMS Jr.: Now's a great time for Fair Tax Plan

July 10, 2014 

Now is the time -- the best of times, considering all the stuff going on at the IRS -- for Congress to push the Fair Tax Plan.

The Fair Tax Plan only taxes your money when you spend it.

The only people to receive special benefits are the poor and working poor, folks who live from payday to payday. They will receive a monthly check from the U.S. Treasury to help them pay the sales taxes they have to pay for essentials.

The Fair Tax Plan does some neat things, such as:

1. Elimination of the IRS and the billions it costs to operate it.

2. No annual tax reporting.

3. No federal tax withholdings from pay checks.

4. Stops politicians from doing sweet deals with special interests.

If interested, I'd suggest you visit the office of your member of Congress.


Pass Christian

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