Sound Off for July 10

July 9, 2014 

Simply say . . .

Now there's a twist. Trying to use the erroneous double negative "could not care less" instead of the correct "could care less" to mean something totally different. If you want to say someone doesn't care at all, simply say "does not care."

Waste of money

I see where the Senate Conservatives Fund has sent McDaniel $70,000 to pay attorneys who are looking for that non-existent voter fraud proving the adage my Grandma used to say: "A fool and his money are soon parted."

Send in the National Guard

No money for the southern border crisis. Send in the National Guard and protect our sovereignty.

Disturbing development

I have always been a Thad Cochran supporter, but I am disturbed by him catering to left-wing Democrats for votes.

Put a punitive tax on it

If the local governments are going to allow fireworks on holidays, in spite of all sorts of ordinances forbidding them, with zero arrests, then the simple answer is like cigarettes -- a user's fee/tax based on inventory value for every vendor, for fireworks trash cleanup, and an extra charge on each person who buys them.

Other venues

People, please read the front page article in Wednesday's Sun Herald titled "Casino executive: Coast must combat casino market decline. Please read paragraph 6 carefully! "The Coast, she said, also needs more non-gambling amenities that would attract visitors." Why would Waveland, Diamondhead, Gulfport, etc., want any more casinos? Please give us something else. Why hurt the ones that have already put out so much effort and money? All areas can't be equal in this. Please find some other venue to bring money into your areas.

Runoff questions

I didn't go vote in the run off of Cochran, McDaniel. Had I changed my mind on my choice for senator, I couldn't vote for the other instead of the one I already had? If that is true why call it a run off? Who is picking up the tab for money McDaniels is spending on his accusing all the polls of not handling votes correctly? After the fact, if he is wrong can he be sued to get wasted money back? Time wasted doesn't come back.

Lone complaint

I have heard of all the problems veterans have concerning the VA facilities. I have a different experience. I have been going to the Biloxi VA for over 10 years and have had only one negative experience, a nurse with a bad attitude. I complained to her superiors. The nurse was transferred to another segment of the VA. This was not her first or second complaint. To date, I am pleased with the care I have received at the Biloxi VA and would recommend the VA to any vet.

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