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July 8, 2014 

Big rig leaks chemical on U.S. 49

GULFPORT -- Firefighters helped clean up hydrogen peroxide that leaked from an 18-wheeler on U.S. 49 near Polk Street, Chief Mike Beyerstedt said.

He said the release valve on the truck was stuck and it allowed hydrogen peroxide to leak onto the road. Firefighters responded about 12:40 p.m. Tuesday, thanks to a motorist who reported the leak, and had the incident taken care of within an hour.

"We identified the product and have been assured that there's no hazard to the people going right by there," Beyerstedt said. "You wouldn't want to get it on your skin, but if a little bit sloshed out on the street I don't even think it would hurt your car."

Firefighters remained with the rig until a repair crew was able fix the faulty valve so it could continue its delivery.

-- Patrick Ochs

Gold Award presented to two Coast Girl Scouts

Two South Mississippi Girl Scouts have received the Gold Award, Girl Scouts' highest honor.

Dana Williams of Ocean Springs, from Troop 6217, and Michaela Wilson of Long Beach, from Troop 6216, were presented the honor from the Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi. Twenty-six Girl Scouts received the award this year upon the completion of their approved community service projects and requirements.

"The Gold Award represents a girl's commitment to herself and to her community as she focuses on leadership, personal challenges and completing a lasting project that will benefit her community," Becky Traweek, CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi, said in a press release. "A young woman who has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award has become a community leader. Her accomplishments reflect leadership and citizenship skills that set her apart."

-- Sun Herald

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