JOHN KUNELLIS: At $130,000, many cannot afford the dream

July 8, 2014 

There is a prevailing notion among conservatives that everyone, except them, is on the "handout." The Ken Matthew Cartoon to the Editor published in the Sun Herald on Monday is just an illustration of that notion.

How does a political party of people come to believe that everyone but them is on welfare, and that welfare is why the country is in financial trouble? Conservatives are fighting mad about this. It doesn't seem to matter that the facts leading the American economy to where it is today, from a surplus in 2000, doesn't bear that notion out. The Republican solution is a neo-rugged individualism, a "why can't the freeloaders be more like us conservatives" vision of how America is suppose to be. It is Ayn Rand social Darwinism: If they won't be like us, let them suffer.

A recent story in USA Today posits that it now takes about $130,000 a year to really live the American dream. What are the chances that we can all attain that with the playing field today?



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