WAYNE L. PARKER: The federal budget must be reined in

July 8, 2014 

Iheartily agreed with Charlie Mitchell's column "Edge the clowns off the stage." For more than 20 years I've tried to call attention to the impending disaster with the federal budget.

Mitchell made two points that need to be understood. The first was obvious -- that both parties are choosing to bicker rather than deal with the real problem.

The second point is one that both political parties seem to either deny or ignore.

Mitchell points out that there was once a "bright line between public and private spending, between public and private economies," and goes on to say that this is no longer the case. The two are intimately intertwined.

I once likened the involvement of federal spending in the national economy to a highly developed brain tumor with tentacles snaking throughout every part of the brain. Removing it simply by yanking it out would kill the host just as surely as allowing it to continue to grow.

This is why I am so repulsed by today's "right wingers," of which I was once a leader.

By calling for balancing the federal budget solely through spending cuts, they are essentially calling for an economic collapse to simply come sooner than it would if nothing were done.

I understand that their extreme demands are probably due to a lack of trust that the entrenched politicians will do anything but "kick the can down the road" which, in fact, I think they're doing by failing to speak out about the impending disaster of baby boomers like myself getting older and sicker.

The federal budget must be reined in, but this must be done in a steady, controlled manner. Otherwise, most Americans will find themselves dealing with a disaster much like Katrina here on the Coast, only without the physical destruction.



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