GINA MILLER: The true bigots

July 8, 2014 

The people railing against Mississippi's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (which mirrors the one passed overwhelmingly by both houses of Congress and signed into federal law by Bill Clinton in 1993) don't seem to understand what it's about, or they're misrepresenting it. It simply affirms our God-given, First Amendment-protected freedom of religion by reiterating that the state government cannot place undue burdens on it.

The apologists for the homosexual movement are not telling the truth when they claim this will cause Christians, and others opposed to the mainstreaming of homosexuality and the redefinition of marriage to refuse to do business with people simply because they're homosexual. That's not happening.

Christian business owners are being deliberately targeted with lawsuits all across the country by homosexual activists who aren't simply seeking to do normal business, as in making generic purchases. In each of these cases, they are purposefully demanding that Christians violate their conscience by using their work to participate in the sham of same-sex "marriage," and the homosexuals sue when the Christians politely refuse. Marriage, created by God, is one thing only: the union of one man and one woman, and no amount of rogue federal judges lawlessly overturning the will of the people in the states will ever change the truth of what marriage is.

It is not Christians who are bigots for simply telling the truth about this. The real bigots are those who hate the truth and despise Christians for telling it.



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