RUTH WALL: Can someone please help Biloxi?

July 8, 2014 

Once again Biloxi is showing its backside to tourists and residents on our premier Beach Boulevard. Biloxi was honored by having Frank O. Gehry -- Pritzker Prize-winner and the most important architect of our age -- agree to design the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art. Now we are insulting Mr. Gehry by putting a parking lot in the Ohr's front yard between the pods and Beach Boulevard -- hoping people will drive by and pull in like a highway rest stop.

Last year, the Biloxi Planning Commission voted to move forward to the City Council a paper that would allow parking for trucks (18-wheelers), recreational vehicles and boats in resident's front yards, including on Beach Boulevard.

No one at City Hall understands the possibilities of urban design: a beautiful promenade including unique stately structures, buildings and homes that have magnificent front yards with green spaces and majestic trees -- not parking lots, 18-wheelers, RVs, boats, utilities, plumbing and chain link fences.

Someone, please help.



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