July 7, 2014 

ST. MARTIN -- Consultants delivered a budget and timeline Monday for the $14.5 million project to better connect west Jackson County with the popular Sangani Boulevard and Promenade shopping area.

It's called the I-10 Connector Road -- a state project to widen and improve narrow Cook Road that runs just north of Interstate 10 from Harrison County to Seaman Road. It's touted as a way to give Jackson County access to shopping and entertainment, without having to use I-10.

Federal funding for the first phase -- a three-lane road -- will be more than $12 million, with a little more than $2 million required in Jackson County match.

County supervisors heard the following timeline Monday:

n Now through 2015: preliminary engineering and acquiring right of way along Cook Road.

n End of 2015 to September 2016: Move utilities out of the way, continue with engineering.

n Last quarter 2016: The project goes out for bids.

n January 2017: Construction begins, last for 1 1/2 years.

n By July 2018: Construction complete, "we'll be driving on it."

-- Karen Nelson

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