JOHN RHODES: Hampton's disdain is painfully obvious

July 7, 2014 

Paul Hampton's column on Sunday regarding the Cochran/McDaniel runoff was nothing less than a masterful exercise of nonsense.

This guy obviously believes he can weave misinformation in a way that convinces the less informed that his spin is credible. The column was so biased and filled with blatant spin it should be embarrassing.

Here's an example of one of his whoppers: "And as far as Democrats picking the GOP candidate, I think it's safe to say Cochran got more votes from Republicans than Democrats." What a ridiculous statement. That is not the essence of the situation and he knows it.

The real question is: Did McDaniel get more GOP votes than Cochran? Considering that Cochran got 6,800 more votes and nearly 35,000 were Democrats, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Even Common Core couldn't get that simple equation wrong. By my calculations, without Democrats, McDaniel won by 28,200 GOP votes.

Hampton's disdain for McDaniel and any other conservative has been painfully obvious from his first column. If he is going to be an advocate for the Cochran team, they should at least put him on the payroll and the Sun Herald should start charging for the free campaign ads.



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