Sound Off for Sound Off for July 7

July 6, 2014 

Cut it out

I can't help but wonder how all the future military cuts will work out. The government won't have to support such a large military and save so-called lots of money. Yet, many will go on the unemployment line after discharge because there are so few job opportunities. Some will go back to school (good thing) on G.I. Bill (government purse). Those discharged with children, may qualify for Medicaid/food stamps/etc. (government purse). All the while, our homeland may become less secure. I guess once again, we will wait and see what kind of plan our government has designed.

Senate race

Mr. McDaniel claims to have been called a racist when Mr. Cochran's campaign said that if Mr. McDaniel were elected then "welfare would be cut off." Does Mr. McDaniel know the number of minorities vs. nonminorities on welfare? If statistics show there are more nonminorities, how is the statement "race baiting." Maybe it is not about race but about lack of good paying jobs or any number of other issues.

My argument

I'm glad I didn't vote for Chris McDaniel. I don't want a sore loser as my senator. He's much too confrontational for me. He needs to remain in law practice where he can be as argumentative as he wants to be.

The gall of NRSC

It galls me to no end that the National Republican Senatorial Committee took donations made for defeating Democrats in November, and handed that money out to Democrats in June in order to defeat a Republican.

Summer flu is here

Just FYI. Beware to everyone: I read that there is an outbreak of summer flu that started in Texas. I should know because I have it and I'm miserable. Be as cautious with sanitizing everything as in the winter.

Too much boom in View

I live in Bayou View. When my kids were growing up they would celebrate the 4th of July popping firecrackers and shooting bottle rockets from our driveway so I have no problem with anyone celebrating that way in Bayou View. However Friday night someone was shooting fireworks into the air accompanied by a horrendous boom. I urge anyone that agrees to make our councilman awareand get an ordinance passed limiting the types of fireworks that are acceptable in Bayou View.

Best of the fests

Spent many hours at the Bay, enjoying the festivities and the crab and shrimp fest. If you missed it, it was a beautiful July 5th evening, the atmosphere was festive, the food and enjoyment beverages were flowing the temperatures were oh so fine and the music, oh the music, was great! If you missed it, next year it will be happening again and you should be there.

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