Region Briefs for July 6

July 5, 2014 

Crist's name removed from car racing at Daytona

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Decals bearing the name of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist have been removed from a car competing in the Coke Zero 400 in Daytona Beach after Republican Party of Florida officials complained.

Crist's name was to appear on Josh Wise's No. 98 car. The car's owner says that the decals were removed Friday because of a complaint by Florida Republican officials alleging that the sponsorship violated campaign finance laws.

Crist's name appeared in six spots on the car with the phrase "Charlie Crist for Florida" across the hood before the decals were removed.

The car was scheduled appear in Saturday's race at Daytona International Speedway. It will now bear decals promoting singer Lee Brice and honoring the 30th anniversary of Richard Petty's 200th win.

-- Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal

Alabama DOT lawsuit goes on for 29 years

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A lawsuit filed against Alabama officials 29 years ago over racial discrimination in the state Department of Transportation is still going on.

A lawyer representing non-black employees has asked a federal judge to resolve several items in the case, including what to do with $14 million in contempt fines paid by the state and held by the court. Lawyers for the black plaintiffs and for non-black intervenors want some of the money to go to their clients. The state said the money should be used for recruiting and training programs.

State Personnel Department lawyer Alice Ann Byrne told the suit has cost the state more than $300 million. That includes payments to the original black plaintiffs, non-black workers who intervened, lawyers' fees, fines and other costs.

-- Associated Press

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