TOMMY SNELL | New golf clubs set off fireworks

July 5, 2014 

Tommy Snell

Bottle rockets might have soared through the skies this weekend, but drivers and driving irons are setting off fireworks on the PGA Tour fairways.

Let's face it. Golfers speed toward their local golf shops when Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, Adams, Cleveland and others announce the arrival of new innovations, especially when those game-improvement advances help Mr. High Handicapper.

Bridgestone boasts that they are "bridging the gap between you and the pros." Titleist counters with advertisements that validate the need to buy expensive ProV's and ProVx's. Golfers love to play what the pros play.

Ping and Taylormade over-nighted prototypes to Tour players for the past few weeks, creating a buzz on the course and a huge impact on the game. Don't be amazed if golfers are camping out at the front door of golf shops across the Coast until the new Taylormade Driving Irons and the Ping G-30's hit the shelves.

The new G-30 exploded with a little color at The Greenbrier this holiday weekend. As pink and blue contrasted against pristine green on the Old White, golfers dialed their golf pros asking when the "new stuff" would arrive. Christmas in July! Look for it at the end of the month.

Ruffles might have ridges, but so does the new G-30. Resembling a character from Alien, the new driver from Karsten will tear up molecules with "turbulators," at least that's what the USGA calls them on their Conforming Clubs website. That's 100 more yards, at least! Think of the new driver as Turbulator One. When you leave the course, just say, "I'll be baaack." Sequel to follow.

When golfers see a PGA Tour player win with a new club, they can't wait to slide one into their bags, no matter the cost. You can't put a price on more fairways and yardage. Remember the big putter in 1986? Justin Rose used a new "Driving Iron" to capture Tiger's tournament last week, creating a feeding frenzy for fairway yardage. Golfers need one! They gotta have one!

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