Sound Off for July 6

July 5, 2014 

There's no dial anymore

This has absolutely nothing to do with Mississippi politics, so it is probably totally irrelevant, but I would like to know: How does one "dial" 911 on a cell phone?

Fly the flag

July 4 is the one day in the year for us to show we are proud Americans. Nevertheless, when I rode through my subdivision of 40 homes this morning there were only 10 with old glory flying in the breeze. Why? I noticed the same in other neighborhoods. If there ever was a time to show support and love for our country, this is it. The lack of flags was also noticed on Memorial Day when only three were flying in my subdivision. It appears veterans don't even fly the American flag. Our flag is one of only a few ways we can all show we don't take our hard-earned freedom for granted and we love and are proud of being American in a thankful nation, under God.

Designate a space

Just an idea … Could the Board of Supervisors designate a fireworks zone for people to bring their fireworks and shoot them off together under fire department supervision? For example, Harrison County could designate the County Farm Soccer Field, where there is plenty of parking and can make a buffer to keep the spectators away from the firing area. Perhaps bringing their aerial fireworks for the fire department to set off for them. It could be a win-win situation in safety.

It's our exceptionalness

America must be exceptional. Why else would millions come to these shores from all over the world? Because they determined it was more exceptional here than it was there!

Enforce the law

To our police department: There is a law that fireworks cannot be shot off in the city. When are you going to enforce it? Just have your officers drive through our subdivisions and anyone caught shooting off fireworks will get a citation to the tune of $500 or more on the spot, no excuses. Please help.

No more bottle deposits

In the '40s, glass would not have stayed on the beach because that was before the soft-drink lobby did away with bottle deposits.

I can see the future

After more than 60 years of July 4th celebrations I can now tell the future. I predict the mountains of shredded fireworks on the streets of my subdivision will be swept up by exactly zero of the celebrators, and the shred will remain in the streets until the next rain washes them down the storm drains.

Cochran got my vote

I want to turn myself in to the McDaniel folks. I am one of the Democrats who voted for Sen. Cochran twice in the Republican primaries. And I am a white female Democrat who has always voted for Sen. Cochran because he has been so good for our state.

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