Fishing fireworks on a Fourth of July weekend

July 5, 2014 



As I left out of beautiful Gulfport Harbor this past Thursday, it reminded me and actually felt like a fall fishing day that I might have in October or early November. After facing what seemed like an endless string of days in which the heat and humidity was so bad that some fishing trips were cut short, this drop in humidity and early morning temperature felt that much better in comparison.

I would later learn that this welcomed change in our weather was actually due to effects from a hurricane moving up the east coast. I think this is the first time that a hurricane brought welcome weather to any fishing adventure I have been a part of. I was joined on this trip by nephew Adam Sumrell. Adam lives in Nashville and usually comes down to visit and fish a couple times of year, but with a new baby in his house we both knew that these fishing trips might not be as easy as they used to be. We really needed to make this trip count.

As we made my way south towards the barrier I islands I said to Adam, "You brought this nice weather down with you. Maybe you'll bring good luck for fishing too."

Whether this statement was prophetic or whether it was just good timing, I was about to find out that fishing luck was definitely going to be on our side on this day.

I headed straight to a spot on the southeastern side of Cat Island called Goose Point. I had heard good reports from this area so I thought it was as good a place as any for us to start this day.

As I was lowering the trolling motor, Adam made his first cast and before I had the trolling motor operating his rod was bent double. Wow! First cast with a fish. I would at least call that a good start. Now I have had days that I have caught a fish on the first cast and then caught my second fish hours later if I caught a second fish at all. But on this day, that frustrating first fish fake out wasn't going to be the rule of the day because on my first cast I was hooked up also.

We continued this trend of catching fish on just about every cast when Adam, staying with the Fourth of July holiday theme said, "Look at this! The fireworks started early! Fishing fireworks that is!"

This fishing fireworks show went on for a while. Many times during this fishing hot streak, Adam and I were doubled up with nice trout and with both of us hooked up we couldn't net the others fish. So we were on our own when it came to getting these nice fish in the boat.

This great weather looks like it's going to hold through the holiday weekend. While this is great news, it also means that there will be an increased number of boats on the water. During this period we must all try to be considerate and patient with other boats that we will encounter during the next couple of days.

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