KATHLEEN PADGETT: Shame on you, Sen. Cochran

July 5, 2014 

Is Sen. Thad Cochran proud of himself for running one of the dirtiest campaigns I have ever witnessed?

When he maligned Chris McDaniel, he was maligning me and others like me. His robo calls, his courting of the opposite party consisted of lies and desperation.

Does he and do the voters who believed those lies understand what the Tea Party ideals are? FYI, I'm not a member as such … I just believe in lower taxes, less government in my life, less "pork" spending, eliminating the federal budget, eliminating the national debt, etc. The very principles our country were founded upon.

When he ran this campaign it wasn't for us, it was for him and his desire to keep the power. His record proves he isn't for conservative government. Apparently he forgot the Eleventh Commandment from President Reagan, "Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican." When I managed a Republican Executive Committee Headquarters in Florida I had a banner made of that commandment posted on the wall and adhered to it, as well as reminding other candidates.

Does Cochran actually believe most of those who crossed over are going to vote for him in November? If he does, I feel sorry for him.

Yes, I will vote for him in November in order to remove Harry Reid from his powerful position, but I will do so holding my nose. For shame, Sen, Cochran.


Long Beach

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