Moss Point's donations to Louisville tornado victims in dispute

csteube@sunherald.comJuly 2, 2014 

MOSS POINT -- Changes in leadership at the Police Department have led to changes elsewhere, including to a fundraising effort.

After a tornado tore through Louisville at the end of April, Coastians began raising money to help those hit by it.

Former Moss Point Police Chief Keith Davis spearheaded one such effort. Through city officials posting "bail" from lock-up events, and through community events such as crawfish boils, the Police Department raised more than $13,000 to donate to the storm victims.

Davis' plan was to buy two $1,000 Visa gift cards to donate to two law enforcement families that lost everything when the tornado hit. The remaining money would buy $100 Visa gift cards to give to Louisville residents to buy what they need.

Davis left the money with the accounting department, but it seems his plan has been changed.

Interim Police Chief Art McClung said, the plan now is to buy $1,000 gift cards for 13 families.

He said the reason for the change is $100 wouldn't really make a difference, and he believes $1,000 would be more of a help to these families.

"I don't agree that it should be in $1,000 increments," Alderman Chuck Redmond said, who was involved in the fundraising effort. "I think before the money is divided up, it should be brought before the board for a vote."

Alderman Wayne Lennep agreed.

"I think small increments would help more families with their basic needs," he said. "I would still like to see the two $1,000 gift cards go to the two law enforcement families as originally planned."

McClung said the mayor and police chief of Louisville will choose the recipients of the gift cards.

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