Sound Off for July 3

July 2, 2014 

Good move

Congratulations to the Gulfport and Ocean Springs school districts for doing the common sense thing and starting school later in August. I wish the other districts would do the same thing. It is too hot to go to school in August.

Employee etiquette

Business owners: please instruct your employees not to chew, smack and pop gum while waiting on a customer. Bring back some civility, please.


Well, the president and every member of Congress should be in good spirits. Every one of them took an oath to uphold the constitution, and Monday, in the Hobby Lobby case, the constitution was upheld.

Count me in

To the purveyors of misinformation. If you are interested in the truth about the Tea Party, just Google it. You will see that personal freedom and responsibility, constitutional limited government, free market economics and fiscal responsibility are the essence of the Taxed Enough Already Party. If this is what you call "radical," I say, count me in.

Don't expect much

The "Do Not Call" registry can only do so much. It works fine for legitimate companies that honor the request. It does absolutely nothing for illegal scam callers who are trying to get your personal information or your money. And, unfortunately, the majority of annoying telemarketing calls are not legitimate companies. So register for the list, it can't do any harm. But don't expect it to stop all the unwanted calls.

Consider this

This year, as we prepare to celebrate our Independence Day, please remember all the soldiers who have fought for our freedoms and are now living as our neighbors. Many soldiers return with PTSD and an uncontrollable reaction to the loud reverberations, sizzles and pops caused by the fireworks. Many choose to stay home because they know the effects the fireworks will have on them. If you decide to shoot off fireworks, please go to the designated areas on the beach so that our heroes can spend the night in their homes without nightmares and flashbacks.

Open possibilities

There's talk about moving to open primaries everyone runs in the same primary, regardless of party affiliation. Louisiana is used as an example of that type of system. That sounds good but there's a downside also. Both ends of the political spectrum can get their vote out in the primary election and the general election ends up being between a far-left and a far-right candidate. Louisiana once ended up with a choice for governor between Edwin Edwards and David Duke. If I remember the slogan correctly, it was "Vote for the crook, not the kook."

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