Barbour-Russell conference call hijacked

Posted on July 2, 2014 

Austin Barbour, a senior advisor with U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran's re-election campaign, speaks at a press conference in Jackson an hour before the ill-fate conference call.


Just had a quick shower after attending that Twilight Zone of a conference call hosted by Austin Barbour and Jordan Russell of the Sen. Thad Cochran campaign.

The call didn't make it through Barbour's intro before a caller interrupted with a question that was, to quote Walter Sobchak, "Over the line, Smokey!"

Barbour soldiered on but the caller obviously wasn't into social discourse and kept it up with the obnoxiousness until Barbour told the media that they had his and Russell's cell numbers and hung up.

Then out came the conspiracy theories. You'd have to dial this campaign back just to sell its story as a novel.

 Should be easy to figure out who crashed it since Charles C. Johnson tweeted the number to his followers. Hey wait. He has 6,000 followers, the same number as the margin of victory for Cochran.

Somebody get me rewrite.

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