Pro-Cochran PAC says late invoice, clerical error led to FEC problem

Posted on July 2, 2014 

A pro-Sen. Thad Cochran political action committee says a clerical error and a late invoice sparked a letter from the Federal Election Commission.

The FEC wants answers about two expenditures it says were not adequately documented by the Mississippi Conservatives PAC..


A letter from the FEC to Brian Perry, treasurer of the PAC, first reported by Political Moneyline on Tuesday night, says Perry has until Aug. 1 to respond.

According to Political Moneyline, a $15,000 payment to Scott Howell and Company did not appear on a 24-hour report for "last minute" spending.


That money was spent to oppose Chris McDaniel in the June 3 primary where McDaniel edged Cochran but didn't receive more than 50 percent of the vote. That sparked the June 24 runoff.


The second complaint concerns a payment to Winning Edge, an Alexandria, Va., firm.


Perry responds:


“All disbursements by Mississippi Conservatives have been disclosed.  But the FEC requested additional information on two disbursements the PAC reported. The first was a payment reported on the pre-primary report, but due to a late invoice wasn’t reported in a 24-hour report. The second was a payment reported in a 24-hour report and also in the pre-primary report. The 24-hour report was accurate but it appears a wrong date was entered on the subsequently filed pre-primary report. We’ll be providing all the requested information to the FEC promptly.”


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